Jumblat Rejects “Dwarfing” PSP Role in Next Government


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat said on Wednesday that he prefers to be allotted to the health ministry again instead of being weakened in the new government line-up and given the social affairs ministry which he believes has been “drained” of its resources.

“After draining the social affairs ministry they suggest it be given to us, but I prefer not to be dwarfed in the new cabinet line-up,” said Jumblat on Twitter.

“Let each party take by force what it wants, it is forbidden to even hint at any sovereign ministerial portfolio, it only belongs to high-level people,” said the PSP leader sarcastically referring to the dilutes among political parties to be given a so-called sovereign portfolio.

“After draining the social affairs ministry they now suggest it be given to us. I know that my words might upset some on this beautiful day, but need justifies the deeds,” added the minister.

“We prefer not to be weakened and to be kept in the health ministry,” added the MP.

The political forces are reportedly pushing for forming the cabinet before Independence Day, which Lebanon marks on November 22.

Horsetrading is currently revolving around the distribution of the sovereign ministerial portfolios – finance, defense, foreign affairs and interior – and other key portfolios like energy and public works.

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Thumb whyaskwhy over 3 years

Horsetrading is probably too kind of a word right now.
Jostling for a bigger portfolio is whats on the minds of all sects right now.
Pity this nation.

Default-user-icon ReasonableVoice (Guest) over 3 years

Every time there is a government to be formed there is this ridiculous and shameless behavior on the part of all political parties to appropriate ministry portfolios based on sectarian quotas and for their own interest. Hariri needs to put his foot down and tell people that they either accept what has been decided or they can stay out of the cabinet otherwise it will be months before there is a government.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 3 years

yes jumby, we know you're not a dwarf, everybody knows gollum was a hobbit