Hariri: Disputes in Lebanon Not Sectarian, I'll Seek Compromises for Country's Sake


Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Thursday that the disputes in the country are not “sectarian” but rather “purely political,” adding that he will seek compromises “for the sake of the country.”

“We as politicians must sacrifice for the sake of the country and we must preserve stability, which is the basis for the country's progress and advancement,” Hariri told a delegation of Beiruti families and figures.

“There is a dangerous scheme in the region and we must safeguard Lebanon and keep it away from the wars and blazes around us,” the PM added.

Stressing that the country “should not be paralyzed” over political disputes, Hariri noted that “it has turned out that the acute disputes are not confessional or sectarian, but rather purely political.”

“Some sought to turn these differences into sectarian disputes, but I'm not concerned with this at all. I will continue the approach of martyr premier Rafik Hariri by seeking compromises like he continuously did for the sake of the country,” Hariri went on to say.

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Thumb Puppet over 3 years

I respect Mr. Saado Hariri for confirming that Disputes in Lebanon are Not Sectarian and for this I say Labayka ya Saado.

Missing rabbishlomo over 3 years

I also respect Saado for wanting to seek compromises! In other words, scratch my back, I will scratch yours."7ikilleh b7ikillak"