Hariri Says Ties Unmarred with Aoun


In light of the political debate surrounding the controversial electoral law which brought differences between Lebanon’s political parties, Prime Minister Saad Hariri assured that his relations with President Michel Aoun are firm and unwavering.

“The President and I are on the same terms. I want to appease those betting on sabotaging relations between the ruling sides, that an understanding to protect political stability is firm and strong,” Hariri said in comments he made at the beginning of a cabinet meeting he chaired at the Grand Serail on Wednesday.

“When the government affirmed in its ministerial statement on the priority to stage the elections, it did not separate between this end and the efforts to prepare for a new law, because they go in parallel,” he said.

“Differences in points of view between political parties does not necessarily mean we reached a dead end. On the contrary, it indicates wellness.”

“I emphasize here that political efforts must continue, and standing at the view points of all political parties is the responsibility of all, mainly the responsibility of parties participating in the government.”

He added: “We must not despair from reaching a new law, we must have the ability to sacrifice in order to reach a new law that does not raise the fears of political parties and sects.”