Jo Geitani Designs First Project in Lebanon to Achieve the LEED Platinum


Jo Geitani has designed M1 office building headquarters, first project in Lebanon to achieve the LEED Platinum.

M1 building is nominated for the Lebanese architect awards for the sustainable category, you can like this link to vote for the project.

Jo Geitani architects has completed an office building in Beirut Central District with white fritted glass skin designed to evoke a Cloud that diffuse light through its repetitive gradient patterns. The glazed façade reflects Beirut surroundings giving the envelope a kinetic aspect. It is the first building in Lebanon to achieve the LEED® Platinum certification.

The 40-meter height building is divided into three separate offices blocks linked together with a glazed circulation network.

A fully glazed glass corridor alongside the east and west blocks is connected to the main block through staggered glazed tubular walkways, floating inside the linear gap and allowing the main block to have a double light and ventilation orientation.

Central courtyard at the back of the building allows light and sun to penetrate into the middle of the lot.

At the upper levels, the glazed tubular walled walkways break up the office environment for employees as they walk from one part of the building to another, thus bringing a varied spatial experience within the project. When passing through the walkways, one comes into strong visual contact with the surrounding elements.

Continuing the minimalist theme, interior finishes are kept simple, with sustainable materials.

Designed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, the facility has a number of active design strategies.