UAE Soldier Killed Fighting in Yemen


An Emirati soldier was killed while on duty with a Saudi-led coalition battling Huthi rebels in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates' official WAM news agency reported on Friday. 

"The general command of the armed forces announced the martyrdom of Suleiman Mohammed Al Thuhuri, one of its soldiers involved in Operation Restoring Hope," WAM said. 

The announcement comes after a coalition raid on a rebel post in Khokha, south of the main Red Sea port of Hodeida, killed 15 rebels and wounded 20 on Wednesday, according to military sources allied with the coalition. 

A second Emirati soldier died of a heart attack, WAM said. 

Some 80 Emirati soldiers have been killed since the coalition launched its intervention in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in March 2015.

More than 7,400 people have been killed since the intervention began, including around 1,400 children, according to World Health Organization figures.

Despite the coalition's superior firepower, the rebels and their allies still control the capital Sanaa and much of the northern and central highlands as well as the port of Hodeida.

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Thumb gigahabib 1 year

Poor Pakistani mercenaries that are thrown into random wars by Gulf dictators.

Thumb gigahabib 1 year

The difference is, Hezbollah owes Syria loyalty over the 2006 war and years of support when the entire world was against them. The Pakistanis owe the Gulf nothing but money, there is no honour or loyalty involved. Hence they fight worse.

Thumb gigahabib 1 year

Yeah, Hezbollah are equal allies, not bought mercenaries. That's better, you know. Gulf armies are known world-wide for being complete crap, consisting of foreign mercenaries, ruled by a few locals. So don't try to fool anyone.

Thumb eagledawn 1 year

Lol, the real battlefield reporting on Naharnet can be found in the comments sections...

Thumb eagledawn 1 year

Lol, I'm probably the least frequent poster here. Nice try."

Thumb Mystic 1 year

Well you are certainly the most frequent and observant poster here brokenEagle.

Thumb justin 1 year

Mystic I disagree, you and your fake accounts take the honors in being the most valuable troll on the forum.

Thumb Puppet 1 year

I respect Mr. Mystic because he is tough, rough and buff.

Thumb gigahabib 1 year

Well, now that Terrorist and Texas are banned, someone has to fill up their giant comment-quota.

Thumb Mystic 1 year

Texas why are you being banned all the time?

I thought you were Naharnets star here.
It's good to see you are still counting the dead amongst your weak coalition.

Missing 1 year

Lying minihabib ... The soldier is Emerati and not pakistani

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 1 year

"The general command of the armed forces announced the martyrdom of Suleiman Mohammed Al Thuhuri, one of its soldiers involved in Operation Restoring Hope," WAM said.

but the mega heretic believes Suleiman Mohammed Al Thuhuri is Pakistani.

Thumb Mystic 1 year

You could be Pakistani too.

Thumb justin 1 year

are you racist in addition to being sectarian and iranian too?

Thumb enterprise 1 year

lol a shia heretic thinks he is better than a Pakistani:)

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