British Interior Minister Calls for Electoral Law Acceptable to all Parties


British Interior Minister, Amber Rudd stressed Lebanon's need to stage the parliamentary elections on time, on the basis of an electoral law that meets approval of all Lebanese parties, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

“It is encouraging to conduct the parliamentary elections this year in Lebanon. We hope the efforts succeed at finding a new electoral law acceptable to all sides,” Rudd said in a message to her Lebanese counterpart Nouhad al-Mashnouq.

She stressed the UK's “commitment to security and stability in Lebanon and its continued support of the Internal Security Forces and their endeavors to confront challenges.”

Rudd thanked Mashnouq, the cabinet and the airport security chief Brig. Gen. George Doumit for improving the security level at Beirut's airport.

“Britain will continue to support your efforts to address the security challenges at the airport and ensure the aviation's safety,” she concluded.

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Sabhan: Saudi Arabia Supports Any Electoral Law the Lebanese Agree on

"blablablablabla 6 days ago
backing any kind of electoral law is already a foreign interference into Lebanese foreign affairs.
Only lebanese can decide on that issue"

British Interior Minister Calls for Electoral Law Acceptable to all Parties

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Only in Lebanon representatives of foreign countries feel entitled to deliver their opinions on Lebanon domestic issues! Lebanon is a joke!!!!!