Jumblat Says Wage Scale Must Be Linked to 'Reform' and 'Fixed' Revenues


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat stressed on Monday the need to secure “firm resources” for the longtime awaited wage scale file.

“Beware of chaos. The wage scale must be linked to reform and fixed resources and it should be part of the budget plan,” said Jumblat in a tweet on Monday.

The salary scale will be deliberated during the cabinet's meetings scheduled this week to approve the country's 2017 state budget.

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil has said that extra taxes were proposed in the 2017 budget to secure the needed revenues to finance the wage scale hikes. The proposal was widely criticized.

Public sector employees have been demanding the approval of the wage scale since 2012 under the government of PM Najib Miqati.

In previous years, the Syndicate Coordination Committee staged many demonstrations and strikes in several public schools, to pressure into including the scale on the parliament's agenda.

The parliament has failed on numerous meetings to agree on a pay raise draft law for the public sector.

Demands are mounting urging the upcoming cabinet meetings scheduled this week, to study the salary scale and refer it to the parliament for approval.