Hariri: Women's Quota Prerequisite in New Electoral Law


Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed on Tuesday that establishing a quota for women in the upcoming parliamentary electoral law is essential, as he stressed that efforts are pushing in that direction.

“When we first launched the Ministry of Women’s Affairs we were planning to strengthen the Lebanese society in general. Empowering women (simultaneously) empowers Lebanon,” said Hariri from the Grand Serail, during the launching of the Office of the Minister of State for Women Affairs.

“Our country has contributed to the development of the Human Rights Charter, about 70 years ago, and women's rights is in its core. It is no secret that the empowerment of women became an international standard for measuring the progress of nations. Today, after almost 70 years, we are still late in this measure, despite the manifestations of modernity and openness in the country,” lamented the PM.

“In Lebanon, women represent only %3 of the number of lawmakers in the parliament. The Ministry's role is to rectify this flaw. I have reiterated that a women's quota is one of the conditions in the new electoral law being discussed,” stressed the PM.

“I also intend to put into implementation a previous recommendation of mine, in 2010, to include women in senior positions and boards of directors in the State.”

The Women's Affairs Ministry was first established in 2016 under the government of Hariri. Minister Jean Oghassapian heads the ministry.

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Thumb i.report over 3 years

Happy Mardi gras to the readers.

Thumb eagledawn over 3 years

lol @flametroller

a most FASCINATING report, to be honest..

always unhappy.. always bitter..

quoting main stream news media I see?:)

Thumb i.report over 3 years

Only if it suits Iran.

Thumb justin over 3 years

yes @hajibaba and that is why we currently have 2 women prime ministers leading Europe's strongest nations and another aspiring presidential candidate in France who just concluded her trip to Lebanon.

Thumb eagledawn over 3 years

how do you argue with 'brains' eaten away by the cancer of wilayat al faqih?

you dont.

Thumb barrymore over 3 years

"those stats confirm my theory that women are interested in things other than politics"

your theory is based on the heretic ideology of your mullahs in iran.

Missing peace over 3 years

give lebanese women basic rights and independance from their husbands and fathers before talking about quotas....

Thumb i.report over 3 years

Very important point here. Plus the right to give the citizenship to their foreign husbands. Basically equal rights \ privileges as men.

Norma Jean would agree with you.

Thumb norma-jean over 3 years

yes i.report, equally important is their right to give nationality to their children

Thumb libanaisresilient over 3 years

Well said!

Thumb i.report over 3 years

You wrote «those stats confirm my theory that women are interested in things other than politics, and that quotas are sexist against women».

There lies the fallacy!

Women are equally interested in politics as men. Naharnet has plenty of contributors but they remain anonymous and post under neutral names because of the préjugés. And you prove them right, thank You!

Thumb libanaisresilient over 3 years

No, @i.report apparently didn't read or ignored your comment!

Thumb libanaisresilient over 3 years

Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy of this political move. Y quotas? It's a setback to Equality.