Berri Accuses Banking Mafias of Obstructing Wage Scale Funding


Speaker Nabih Berri accused on Saturday what he described as “banking mafias” of obstructing funding for the long-stalled wage scale file.

“Banks mafias and maritime institutions have mobilized efforts in all directions in a bid to prevent funding for the wage scale,” Berri said in a statement released Saturday.

“What is happening is a hidden truth and an organized campaign against the parliament with aims to thwart the electoral law and the (parliamentary) elections. The proof to those attempts is that efforts were underway to reach an electoral law when suddenly the focus turned to the wage scale issue,” said the Speaker.

“Knowing that the wage scale is a rightful people's demand and it should have been approved ten years ago and incorporated in the budget, but banking mafias and maritime institutions have mobilized their efforts in all directions, just as in 2014, in a bid to obstruct its funding.

"I hereby address the entire Lebanese and political forces to assure that things will be back on track and the priorities will be first to devising a new electoral law, the appointment of a parliamentary investigative committee to unveil corruption and try the corrupt, approve the wage scale and finally approve the state's budget."

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Thumb barrymore 1 year

What is the point of increasing wages if this corrupt administration and government are going to take it back and some more in taxes.? Better without it. Now they will tax us on profits made when we sell property !

Corrupt evil political class....

Berri does not talk about his tobacco, port and airport mafias.

Thumb thepatriot 1 year

He dares speak about "Mafias"!!?? LOL!

Default-user-icon Fabian (Guest) 1 year

Last year when I was in Lebnaon in my home town, we were at a "share" and politics came up, the mokhtar (probably an amal supporter) said nothing ever gets done if the istez does not approve it. You name it, it must come through him first and his cronies before it's approved.

Thumb galaxy 1 year

Berri Accuses Banking Mafias of Obstructing Wage Scale Funding

I did not know that Banks have their own members of parliament now debating the new budget;)

Default-user-icon Andre Fayad (Guest) 1 year

And the Lebanese people are so smart that they keep electing these untouchable politicians. The one good thing is that this smartness applies to all sects.

Missing rami 1 year

The thief-in-chief has spoken.

Default-user-icon Alex (Guest) 1 year

the main thief is speaking now.