IFP Group Organizes 'Agro-Food & Hospitality' Seminar


IFP Group (International Fairs and Promotions) held a seminar on Monday titled ‘Agro-Food and Hospitality’ at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount-Lebanon.

The seminar addressed Agro-Food export and franchising opportunities for Lebanese enterprises, taking advantage of IFP Group’s upcoming specialized events; Food Africa to be held from 22 to 24 April in Cairo, Iraq Agro-Food from 23 to 26 October in Erbil-Kurdistan, and Hospitality Qatar from 7 to 9 November in Doha.

The seminar featured keynotes by the Chamber’s President of Agricultural Committee, Raphael Debbane, the Chairman of IFP Group, Albert Aoun, and the Inside Sales Director at IFP Group, Ghassan Nawfal.

Debbane praised IFP Group’s initiative to support the export of Lebanese products, placing special emphasis on arranging meetings during the exhibitions and conferences that the company organizes or represents. He also underlines the need for Lebanese companies to take the initiative to expand their businesses and market their products needless of government support, considering that some of the sector’s most notably successful enterprises had not received support from official bodies. Nonetheless, Debbane noted the importance of sponsorships in supporting local produce companies.

On his part, Aoun spoke about IFP Group’s portfolio, stating that the company has been organizing a multitude of events in Lebanon and the Middle East for the past 36 years, with ‘Project Lebanon’ and ‘Beirut Boat’ being two of the company’s most renowned exhibitions.

Aoun also announced that the company, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon, and the Tripoli Special Economic Zone, is organizing a specialized conference to address the challenges and opportunities in the economic development of Tripoli and North Lebanon, and the reconstruction of Syria post-conflict. The conference will be held on the 28th of March at the Chamber’s headquarters in Tripoli.

During the seminar, Nawfal conducted a presentation to highlight IFP Group’s exhibitions that are dedicated to the Agro-Food and Hospitality sectors in Arab and foreign countries, providing in-depth insights into the core features of each show, and the dynamics of each market that these events cater for.

The seminar was devised in light of IFP Group’s commitment to supporting Lebanese businessmen and entrepreneurs to reach out to regional and international markets, and capitalize on the numerous opportunities that they present.