MAP NGO Organizes Peace Journalism Workshop in Collaboration with UNIC Beirut


The Lebanon-based Media Association for Peace (MAP) NGO, in collaboration with the U.N. Information Center in Beirut (UNIC Beirut), has organized the 6th Annual Peace Journalism Workshop 2017 under the theme of the U.N. Campaign “Together: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”.

The three-day workshop, organized in partnership with the U.S. Institute for Peace on 17-19 March 2017, was entitled: “Reporting on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”.

At the opening session, MAP Founder, President and Executive Director, Vanessa Bassil, gave a detailed explanation about the workshop’s program and interactive sessions. She said the purpose behind this extensive training is to introduce the concept of Peace Journalism to Lebanese and Syrian media students and young journalists.

It also provides them with the necessary knowledge, tools and journalistic skills to cover the Syrian refugee crisis. Bassil added that the workshop will result in an online magazine that includes articles about Syrian refugees by the participants, as well as the production of a documentary on Syrian refugees.

For her part, Maryam Sleiman from UNIC Beirut, gave an overview about the “Together” campaign that brings 193 member countries of the United Nations, the private sector, civil society and academic and media institutions in a global partnership in support of non-discrimination, acceptance of others and transforming fear of refugees into hope.

Sleiman called on all participants to further highlight in their stories the common benefits of host communities and refugees, and avoid any rhetoric that promotes fear of refugees and migrants in the hearts of readers, mainly the Lebanese ones.

For more information about “Together” campaign, you can visit the official website: