PM Says Negative Atmospheres Don't Set Grounds for Agreement


President Michel Aoun held talks with Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday at the Baabda Palace, where talks focused on the controversial electoral law on the eve of a cabinet meeting scheduled the next day, and ahead of a ministerial committee meeting in the afternoon.

“Negative atmospheres can not help establish the grounds for an agreement on an election law,” stressed Hariri, pointing out that he would consider his government “unsuccessful” shall it fail at devising a new law.

The PM said the Lebanese citizens are tired of the talk about elections, and all they want is a proper electoral law and public services that include “electricity, water and hospitals. They do not want to listen anymore to those who threaten of vacuum.”

Hariri said coordination between political parties must be improved and that settlement must be made in order to reach an agreement on a law to rule the upcoming polls.

Asked whether the cabinet will vote on a voting system, he said :”The principle of voting already exists in the cabinet, but when it comes to an electoral law we need consensus.”