State Security Arrests Suspects over Links to Terror Groups


Lebanon's State Security clamped down on six Lebanese and Syrian suspects in south Lebanon over their involvement with terror groups some of which have links to Syrian armed organizations dealing with the Israeli enemy, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Shraim, the State Security arrested six people of Lebanese and Syrian nationalities in the town of Marjayoun town, NNA said.

Some of the detainees are connected to terrorist organizations and others have links to Syrian armed groups dealing with Israel, it added.

The agency also arrested eight other Syrian individuals after infiltrating Lebanon's territory. Some are held on accusations of kidnapping, having links to the Islamic State militant group.

They detainees were referred to the related judiciary.

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Thumb galaxy 12 days

lol @ the State Security agency

Thumb justice 12 days

yep and they were living among the shias in the south;)!

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As credible as Mowaten with wingz.

Thumb s.o.s 12 days

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they should show their faces so Terrorist and IceNorMan would be known now

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Your last comment under the blablablabla alias was that you contacted your buddies at the AFP legal department and they were in the process of suing joseph bustani? Update us please Mr. CEO or are you busy hanging out with President Macron?

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since you appear working at Naharnet, just ask your boss Bassam ;)

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I have the utmost respect for Mr. blablablablabla because he is a very successful Christian Lebanese businessman with European parents and world-wide connections.

I also respect him because he has a shiny state-of-the-art Telex machine in his Paris office and for having a beautiful personal assistant named Beatrice.

Thumb Puppet 12 days

I have lost all respect for the fashion icon Armani for striking a deal with ISIS to promote its merchandise.

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Thumb ashtah 12 days

"Under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Shraim"

Wow!! I hope he is not trying to make a name for himself:)

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yeah he thinks he is sponsoring a pageant contest or a fashion show:))