Report: Newly Formed French Govt. Might Help Boost Halted Saudi Grant


A halted Saudi grant to provide the Lebanese army with French weapons, might be revived by the newly formed French government under elected President Emmanuel Macron, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

Macron announced the formation of his new government which includes ministers from various political parties and led by Rightwing Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Socialist Jean-Yves Le Drian was appointed Foreign Minister, Sylvie Goulard appointed Minister of Defense replacing Le Drian, Gerard Collomb was appointed Minister of the Interior and Francois Bayrou was appointed as Minister of Justice.

Circles well-informed with France's politics, told the daily: “Appointing Le Drian as Foreign Minister gives strong impetus to the Lebanese-French ties in all areas.

“Le Drian knows the Lebanese file well, and will complete the policy of his predecessors in building strong ties with middle eastern countries mainly Lebanon. Paris sees relations with Lebanon as historic and strategic,” they added on condition of anonymity.

“Le Drian is well acquainted with the details of the $3 billion Saudi grant to the Lebanese army and the reasons behind its halt. Some regard that Le Drian's appointment at head of the French diplomatic mission is an incentive to motivate this grant, given the French-Saudi ties and the interest of both countries in Lebanon's stability.”

In February 2016 Saudi Arabia halted a military grant program for Lebanon in protest against Hizbullah's policies and diplomatic stances by the Lebanese foreign ministry.

The program, funded by Riyadh, would provide vehicles, helicopters, drones, cannons and other military equipment from France.

After Aoun's election, France's foreign ministry said it was in "close dialogue" with Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in hope of a deal.

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Thumb Southern...... 1 year

Source: Naharnet

1) Infiltrate: Takfiri boy s.o.s
2) Editor: Eagledawn who claims to be Lebanese
3) keyboard operator: The liar texas

the last 3 were paid-in-kind by 1 meal at KFC for their contribution.... the LAF will always be grateful to them for WWII matrials (easy to use) provided by Lebanon's last colonizer, France and verified by Lebanon's only enemy, Israel.... ahh, and paid by a wahhabi state which finance the terrorrism in Middle East, KSA.

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are you ok southern? I am worried

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jewstin: don't worry, one day you will learn.....

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The Baalbackiyeh is the best dope it seems. You are sooo high, Houthian! Go study some Kaballah on the Cornish.

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Israel is supporting Nusra's terrorists through the occupied golan highs and Jordan, while you who sticks at his forehead a label which says "takfiri boy", i mean Nusra's boy, you praise Israel and generaly speaking the jews by following their events... the equation is solved.... you must be expelled from the country.

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Somebody woke up on the wrong foot today...

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" ahh, and paid by a wahhabi state which finance the terrorrism in Middle East, KSA."

and what does your islamic iran finance? fine arts, classical music, or let me guess space exploration.

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Thumb s.o.s 1 year

I don't believe Lebanon is on the French priority list. It hasn't been since the at least 35-40 years. They could provide all of the equipment for free, but they don't. They want someone to pay for them... We're nothing more than another business transaction. However I'm grateful for KSA, USA and of course UK for helping us. Thank you guys and gals.