Nearly 23,500 Cholera Cases, 242 Deaths in Yemen in Three Weeks


Nearly 23,500 suspected cases of cholera have been registered in war-ravaged Yemen in the past three weeks, including 242 deaths, The World Health Organization said Friday.

"The speed of the resurgence of this cholera epidemic is unprecedented," WHO country representative for Yemen Nevio Zagaria told reporters in a conference call, warning that there could be as many as 250,000 cases in the country within six months.

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Thumb janoubi 1 month

Where is Iran in all of this? are they not with the poor and oppressed?

Thumb s.o.s 1 month

Iran is only there and in Lebanon to conquer new land, not to help people.

Thumb justin 1 month

iran only sends ballistic missiles and landmines and could care less about the yemeni people

Thumb ansarullah 1 month

Allah Y2awwi Shi3it Ali

Lan Tousba Zainabu Maratayyn

Lan Lan Lan

Thumb justin 1 month

lol @((((hajibaba))))

Thumb justin 1 month

Mystic's ansarullah

"العربية" تحصل على صور للقبض على عناصر حوثية بالجوفالعربية-تحصل-على-صور-للقبض-على-عناصر-حوثية-بالجوف.html

Thumb Southern...... 1 month

all caused by the Suadi-American aggression on Yemen, Trump visit is near, so that all Saudi affiliated muslims will be queuing to kiss his hand for all the favours that his country and he's doing: spreading the terror activities in middle east.... shame on Bani Saud and all the stooges who support them.

Thumb janoubi 1 month

shame on you and your likes.

you are a disgrace to the shia community and humanity at large.

Thumb justice 1 month

but southern irani is not shiaa?

Thumb barrymore 1 month

if there were no shiism and heresy this lowlife would invent both.

Thumb barrymore 1 month

blame your stupidity and miserable trolling life on the 'Suadi-American aggression on Yemen' as well.

Thumb liberty 1 month

he sure does