Report: Security Forces Kill Drug 'Baron' in Beirut Southern Suburb


Drug lord and wanted criminal known as Samir Fawzi Monzer has been killed in an army operation in the southern suburb of Bourj al-Barajneh, an army statement said on Saturday.

As part of the State's security plan and decision to combat drug traffickers and larceny, Army Intelligence units raided the suspect's residence in al-Raml al-Aali. The army patrol came under fire from the suspect and other gunmen triggering an exchange of fire that killed Monzer and wounded another man identified as Mahmoud Zreiq, added the statement.

Monzer is one of the most prominent suspects in drug trafficking, murder and larceny in the said suburb.

23 arrest warrants on shooting and drug charges have been issued against him so far.

Monzer has managed to flee several times from police ambushes.

He is one of the prominent “drug barons” in Hay al-Jura neighborhood in the Palestinian refugee camp of Bourj al-Barajneh. He has succeeded in making a stronghold of his own because of his reckless gun use.

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