Nasrallah to Make Televised Address Friday on Latest Developments


Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will make a televised address next Friday on the occasion of International Quds Day where he will address several developments, al-Liwaa daily reported on Saturday.

Nasrallah will highlight several issues including the Israeli threats, the situation in Palestine, the regional developments in light of the battle field changes in Iraq and Syria, said the daily.

He will also address the situation in Lebanon after the country approved a new electoral law to govern its polls in May, 2018.

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Bismillah! No! we will not let you go.. my beloved sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, I'm glads they gave me the heads up about a speech I am supposed to give next Friday! I was in the middle of my yearly bath when I got the news and my uniform, turban, slippers, gown, glasses and false beard are at the cleaners won't get them back before Wednesday. Come to think of it must be a huge speech this one, if it will take the Resistancessessesess.. umm, the Divine Translation Department of The Resistance almost a week to translate from the original Persian into Dahieh Arabic so you all can understand. Also I am having my joke writer Hajj Shecky Gadotallah write a few jokes for the occasion just to lighten the mood. So see you next week, I am off to have a manicure so my threatening, pointing finger looks good on TV.

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new alias southern?

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Some evil minded and probably Zionist Wahhabis often say that Hezballah is an apartheid "party". Nothing can be further from the truth. One of Hezballah's lesser known spiritual leaders was Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, who said about the Ford Model T "Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it is black". And in a homage to that great man Hezballah decided that ""Anyone can join Hezballah whenever he wants so long as he is of the Shiite Twelvers faith", that's not apartheid at all it's marketing.

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More takia nonsense.