Geagea Hails Vote Law, Says State Can't Grow Strong in Presence of Illegal Arms


Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea described on Tuesday the newly agreed vote law system as a “historical" achievement, but warned that the state cannot grow strong in the presence of illegal arms.

“It is impossible to have a strong state and republic in Lebanon as long as weapons and strategic decisions are not under the state's control,” said Geagea during the LF annual Iftar on Tuesday.

He regretted “the presence of a group in Lebanon that deems corruption as a normal part of the state's activity.”

The LF leader warned against corruption saying: “It is going to be a big battle, corruption is an imminent threat to the state.”

On the newly approved electoral law, he praised it and said: “It is a historical accomplishment that was made in Lebanon. It carries great positive aspects.”

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Thumb barrymore almost 3 years

Spare us your BS and waffle.....!

Thumb Puppet almost 3 years

I have many reasons to justify my respect and admiration for Dactor Geagea but chief among them :

1) His reservations on the policy statement
2)His total rejection of proportional representation
3) His total acceptance of proportional reservation
4) having no hostility towards Hezbollah
5) His adherence to the 3 No-No's rule
6) His constant reminder the Cedar Revolution is well and alive

Thumb marcus almost 3 years

but it is OK to share a government with illegal arms....