Berri Says Armed Forces, Resistance Must 'Liberate Occupied' Land


Speaker Nabih Berri stressed the need to wage an assault against militants lingering in the northeastern border town of Arsal to “liberate” the area, pointing out to the role of the Resistance and Lebanese Army in that regard, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

“There are serious atmospheres about an assault that is going to take place in the outskirts. I am not worried, the Resistance and the Lebanese Army are both carrying out their duties,” Berri was quoted as telling his visitors.

The Speaker emphasized that the “operation is a must particularly that the country is occupied and the criminal is in inside our home.”

He added saying that as long as Lebanon is under the threat of terrorism, “it is normal for the Resistance to carry out the liberation. It is also normal that the Lebanese Army carries out this task, it must not be banned from that. This is the army's duty and the core of its mission, we must all support it.”

Emphasizing the Army's role, he stated: “The army must not be locked in any measures, it needs no one's permission to wage war against terrorism.”

Berri defended the army, and denounced the latest campaigns launched against it after its crackdown on militants in Arsal's outskirts.

He assured that Lebanon will be positively affected by the results of the military operation against the terrorists in the outskirts, “it will have a very positive effect. The conclusion of this chapter will bring Lebanon into a new phase free of this burden and threat.”

Hizbullah has issued an ultimatum for the militant groups in the outskirts of Arsal after army raids on two refugee camps that were met with a string of suicide attacks and grenades.

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Thumb justice 10 months

“Berri added as long as Lebanon is under the threat of terrorism, “it is normal for the Resistance to carry out the liberation."

Yeah, keep expanding the duties of this criminal terrorist organization in accordance with your mullah dictated definitions.

How about liberating Shebaa farms and lay down your sectarian weapons.

Sectarian Hypocrites

Thumb ashtah 10 months

Resistance Must 'Liberate Occupied' Land....

including Aleppo, Qusair, Homs, Bahrain, Mosul, Mekka, Madina, and anything but what you allegedly refer to as 'occupied' shabaa farms.

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

Liberate ouzai ya wisikh. Take your illegal homes and businesses out of our land.

Thumb Elemental 10 months

That statement is contradictory. The Iranians illegally occupy Lebanon, you ignore it completely.

Thumb janoubi 10 months

Resistance Must not occupy others' Land