Hariri: Lebanon Will Always Stand by Saudi Arabia


Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed on Monday that Lebanon will always be supportive of Saudi Arabia as it has supported it before.

“Lebanon will always stand by Saudi Arabia's side as it has in turn supported it,” said Hariri.

The PM's remarks came in a statement he made during a visit to the Saudi Arabian embassy to extend his congratulations on the newly-appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"Congratulations, this is the era of the youth, we hope it will be a blessing for Saudi Arabia and the Arab world,” said Hariri.

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Default-user-icon Elie (Guest) 1 year

No. But let's support their entering the civilized age where women are allowed to breathe and where civil rights are not raped in the butthole every day. Let's stand by our citizens first. ok pumpkin? Thanks.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 1 year

lulz @ELie.flamethrower.trifle;)

Thumb s.o.s 1 year

Nobody is defending Hariri, he's done ever since he connived with the Persian enemy

Missing cimitero 1 year

Which citizen you want him to stand by, pumpkin? The more than quarter million who earn their livelihood in the gulf countries, sending most of their pay to Lebanon? Or the hundreds of thousands unemployed because the Lebanese economy is now harmonized with the "culture" of the Islamic Resistance. Or perhaps the thousands of Jihadist mercenaries who get killed every years fighting in foreign lands to export Khomeini's Islamic revolution and his wet dream of a worldwide Islamic republic?

Thumb Mystic 1 year

Here is what Al Arabiya wont show you.


Thumb Puppet 1 year

Mr. Elie, our Guest for today, earned my respect and captured my imagination for his support of women's rights in Saudi Arabia and not Iran.

Thumb galaxy 1 year

Elie, the Christian from the Vatican took a few moments of his busy schedule and logged in as a guest to demonstrate his love for Iran and post his anti-saudi sentiment. Admirable!

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 1 year

lol @Elie (Guest from Iran)

Thumb Mystic 1 year

Not all of Lebanon Mr. Prime Minister

Thumb tric.portugal 1 year

correction: the mollembeqs of Lebanon always stand by the Daesh Kingdom...

Thumb gigahabiib 1 year

Very poignant tric.portugal, and so true... whatever it means

Thumb barrymore 1 year

KSA should dump this loser and have someone who commands some respect among his/her community.

Thumb s.o.s 1 year

Ashraf General Riiiifi!

Thumb barrymore 1 year

lol @galaxy;)!

Thumb s.o.s 1 year

Maybe because the pasdaran and other Iranian proxies are the ones putting these people on the roads and making them refugees. Does Saudi Arabia have an army official or unofficial in Syria or Iraq? The answer is no! Who pounded Aleppo? Russia!

Thumb Hayek.Feghali.Abdelatif 1 year

Funny, Hezbollah are Iranians


Thumb gigahabib 1 year

Lol, three aliases accuse me of having multiple accounts...

Thumb gigahabiib 1 year

Lol just so you guys know, I am not deflecting or anything because I cannot understand what the clip is all about! But I decided to ignore it and reply with something about having multiple accounts. Of course I understand, read, and write in the Lebanese native Arabic language because I am Lebanese living in Lebanon.... yeah sure Lol

Thumb i.report 1 year


Thumb gigahabiib 1 year

Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce to you my beloved Naharnet community a newly minted character. He is of unknown background maybe Scandinavian, or Icelander and an "atheist european". Like all my previous characters he's a rabid anti Saudi-Wahhabi and prone to generalization. He has a somewhat passable English vocabulary with an strong aversion to proper conjugation although his prose are Shakespearean in comparison to tric.portugal.

Thumb liberty 1 year

rofl ! all shias are european atheists!!!!