Geagea: The State Can't Grow Strong in Presence of 'Illegitimate Armed Groups'


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea stressed on Friday that a strong state is “incapable of rising” as long as there are “armed groups lingering outside the framework of legitimacy.”

“A capable strong state will not emerge as long as there are armed groups lingering outside the framework of legitimacy and as long as the decision of peace and war are out of the state's control,” said Geagea.

Geagea's comments came after a battle waged in the outskirts of Arsal between Hizbullah and al-Nusra Front militant group.

Hizbullah began the assault on fighters from al-Qaida's former Syrian affiliate, previously known as al-Nusra Front, in the border region of Arsal's outskirts last week.

Lebanon's army has not officially declared its participation in the Hizbullah operation, but has shelled "terrorists" in the area.

Separately, Geagea pointed out that “the Assad regime could not bear the opposition of the Lebanese Forces and has therefore bombed the church of Saydit Al Najat (Our Lady of Deliverance) and accused the LF in order to dissolve the party and bring me to prison.

“Not to mention persecution of thousands of LF youth who were arrested just because they support the LF,” he concluded.

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Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

Why doesn't the LAF attack the terrorists? Start with the older implants, the Iranian ones and finish with the Syrian ones!

Thumb gigahabib over 2 years

Because they don't want to conspire with Zionists and Wahhabists against their own citizens.

Thumb andre.jabbour over 2 years

لو كنت أعرف بإنك موهوبٌ هكذا

Thumb thepatriot over 2 years

Your answer rates as much as your IQ giga. Zero!

Thumb gigahabib over 2 years

150? Thanks.

Thumb eagledawn over 2 years

*slow clap*

Thumb tric.portugal over 2 years

yes...i remenber very well the words of Geagea...if the Daesh enter in Lebanon they gonna find the grave...they control the mollembeqs and have protetion of LF...

Thumb Puppet over 2 years

Dactor Geagea has earned my respect and captured my imagination for many reasons chief among them:

1) Vehemently opposing proportional representation
2) Vehemently supporting proportional representation
3) Having reservations on the Policy Statement
4) Having No Hostility towards Hezbollah
5) Abiding by the 3 No-No's Rule
6) Supporting a Made-In-Lebanon President elected by an illegitimate Parliament
7) Supporting a Strong State without the presence of 'Illegitimate Armed Groups'
8) Assuring us the Cedar Revolution is well and alive

Thumb justin over 2 years

“فتح الشام” تأسر 3 عناصر من “حزب الله” في جرود عرسالعرسال-3/

Thumb barrymore over 2 years

Geagea: The State Can't Grow Strong in Presence of 'Illegitimate Armed Groups'

and you don't mind sharing a cabinet with 'Illegitimate Armed Groups' and voting for a president who considers those 'Illegitimate Armed Groups' as part and parcel of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

More BS from the biggest artist of them all.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 2 years

and he is exactly that; a BS artist.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

If the situation doesn't evolve positively if the particracy allows elections to be held next year, Sami and Ashraf will score big !

Thumb gigahabib over 2 years

Don't worry, Gaga, the Israelis will probably come to save their Wahhabist minions.

Thumb andre.jabbour over 2 years

لو كنت أعلم...

Thumb gigahabib over 2 years

I like how you're obsessed enough with me to make an entire account in my honour.