Jumblat Denies Being Pressured to Name Miqati, Describes Faqih Rule Accusations as ‘Political Dementia’

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat denied he came under pressure to name Najib Miqati for the premier’s post and criticized as “political dementia” accusations that the prime minister-designate represents the Faqih rule.

“I haven’t come under pressure from anyone, neither from Syria nor from Hizbullah,” Jumblat told As Safir daily about his decision to nominate Miqati rather than Saad Hariri.

He unveiled that he took the decision to name Miqati after “several countries obstructed the Syrian-Saudi settlement and then the Qatari-Turkish (mediation) attempt.”

Jumblat also criticized U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on “her advices” to Lebanon and Hariri for his allegation that he abides by institutions at a time when his supporters resorted to riots on the “Day of Anger.”

“If Hariri resorted to constitutional institutions as he has previously announced, then who called for the demonstration of a ‘Day of Anger’?” the MP asked in remarks published in al-Liwaa newspaper.

He described as a joke what he called the latest theory that Miqati represented the Faqih rule. “We consider this political dementia,” Jumblat said.