Jumblat Advises Baabda Interlocutors to Stop 'Superfluous' Spending


Leader of the Democratic Gathering bloc MP Walid Jumblat advised interlocutors set to meet Monday at Babada Palace over the wage scale file, to stop "unnecessary expenditures and squandering of public funds," as he expressed “concern over the monetary and livelihood stability in the country.”

Urging the government not to engage in income raises before checking the possibility of securing revenues, Jumblat said the government must “not engage in increases before checking the possibility of income.

“A series of reforms must be introduced including the pension system and the national security services for example,” said Jumblat in a tweet on Friday.

The MP called for “unification of standards between civil and military wires and the independent interests in order to reduce some of the huge compensations.”

He also called for “administrative reform and an end to squandering, random employment, and excessive expenditures in the telecommunication sector for example, electricity and other sectors in the economy.”

Jumblat also said that “indiscriminate travel trips of officials, ministers, deputies and senior citizens at the expense of the state must be stopped,” noting that customs exemptions must be reconsidered.

Turning to the occupation of maritime property, the Progressive Socialist Party leader said: “A shameful settlement with respect to maritime property must be stopped. Profits secured by these tourist resorts and real estate companies are sufficient.”

President Michel Aoun has called for a dialogue meeting on Monday at the Baabda palace to discuss the various points of dispute and disagreement over the recently approved salary scale bill and the new batch of taxes to fund said scale.

The dialogue meeting will be attended by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, concerned ministers, Central Bank Governor, and representatives of the economic, labor and financial institutions, as well as free professions, private schools and teachers Syndicates' heads.

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Thumb barrymore almost 3 years

Every minister in this corrupt government has made numerous unnecessary trips at the expense of the taxpayer. Riachi traveled twice to North America to meet the Lebanese expatriates and Bassil made several trips to the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, etc where he met with the only Lebanese expatriate that lives there.

Missing ysurais almost 3 years

bassil has his private jet so expense from his own pocket...