Geagea to Nasrallah: We Won't Coordinate with a Regime that is More Brutal than IS


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea hit back at Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday, stressing that there cannot be official coordination “with a regime that is more brutal than the Islamic State group.”

Nasrallah had on Thursday announced that “the Syrian leadership will cooperate” in any negotiations with the IS group involving the fate of the captive Lebanese troops “on the condition of receiving an official Lebanese request for public coordination.”

Hizbullah's chief “is harming the Lebanese army through insisting on coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian armies and Hizbullah in Operation Dawn of the Outskirts, while knowing that such a declaration would harm the army, seeing as a lot of countries helping it in various forms would cease their support should they realize that it is coordinating with” Hizbullah and Syria's army, said Geagea in an interview with al-Markazia news agency.

And condemning what he called Nasrallah's “use of the captive troops file to pressure the Lebanese government into holding official and public talks with the Syrian government,” Geagea emphasized that “there cannot be coordination with a regime that is more brutal than the IS group.”

As for Nasrallah's addition of the Syrian army into the so-called “army-people-resistance equation,” Geagea noted that Nasrallah's “real equation” also involves Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces and Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

“How can you assume that we would accept an equation that has nothing to do with the country? Where are the Lebanese entity, state, National Pact, coexistence, model and message in this equation?” Geagea added, addressing Nasrallah.

“For us, the essential equation will always remain: Lebanese people, Lebanese state and Lebanese army,” Geagea stressed.

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Thumb galaxy over 2 years

but you share a government with a militia that is more brutal than IS.

Missing humble over 2 years

Hakim, why don't you ask your new ally what he wants? H

Thumb justin over 2 years

that's what hikmat deeb of his new ally's party said:


ديب: فيما خص زيارة سوريا لدينا الموقف المبدئي السياسي ان سوريا جارة ولا موقف ضد الدولة السورية وما يرعى العلاقة بين لبنان وسوريا هو علاقة المصلحة ويجب التزام الاتفاقيات.۔

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 2 years

yeah these sellouts forgot what Syria did to the Lebanese and to the Christians specifically. Now it is a good perfect neighbor.

Thumb farsical.resistance over 2 years

Horse trading on the welfare of the Lebanese soldiers and officials held hostage just to score points is low and disgusting even for a the lowest most disgusting creature like Nasrallah. After the embarrassing failed PR exercise of the Arsal "campaign" that now most everyone in Lebanon knows was a put-on, Hassan's using the hostages as a bargaining chip to try to salvage some respectability.

Thumb gebran_sons over 2 years

All politicians have failed the Cedar Revolution principles. Politicians come and go, look good one day and flip-flop the next, claim to uphold these principles one day, and sell their soul to the devil the next day for political expediency. Enough! Anyone not consistently believing and upholding the Cedar Revolution principles of Independence, Sovereignty, Democracy, Freedom, Plurality, Justice and Civil Rights should be voted down at the next election. New faces with solid belief in these principles and courageous standings should be identified, organized and elected to represent us by the Silent majority.

Thumb tric.portugal over 2 years

"Geagea to Nasrallah: We Won't Coordinate with a Regime that is More Brutal than IS"
yes...the refugges, the friends of IS, are true citizens of Lebanon...

Thumb tric.portugal over 2 years

IS is cutting heads of cristhians in Levant, Europe, Africa and Bashar is a regime more brutal !!!???

Missing humble over 2 years

Tric Trac

I really pity you. Can you read and write???

Thumb tric.portugal over 2 years

my inglish is cliar like water...

Thumb over 2 years

Oui, you're a clear liar aka cliar.

Thumb Hayek.Feghali.Abdelatif over 2 years

أذكر هنا أن النظام السوري قال أنه جاء إلى لبنان ليخلّص المسيحيين من الإبادة، وهنا أريد أن أسأله من كان يريد إبادتنا غيرهم، ومن أرسل القوى التي كانت تقوم بأعمال الإبادة ؟
العماد ميشال عون
برنامج المحاور الأستاذ إيلي الناكوزي
م ت ف ٩/٤/٢٠٠٢

Thumb marcus over 2 years

Geagea to Nasrallah: We Won't Coordinate with a Regime that is More Brutal than IS

You already are! the Shia ministers in the government are visiting Syria with complete disregard to the government decisions. Abbas Ibrahim is coordinating with Syria with full knowledge of the president and the prime minister. The army is coordinating with syria and hezbollah.

Spare us the unnecessary talk; you fool nobody no more.

Thumb enterprise over 2 years

أفادت وسائل إعلام لبنانية الخميس بأن ميليشيا حزب الله شيعت جثث 13 من مقاتليها

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 2 years

good riddance

Thumb janoubi over 2 years

DNA - 25/08/2017 نصرالله: الجنود اسرى التفاوض مع الأسد

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

Mr Geagea, Hizbaloot are good enough partners for you and Mustaqbal to enter a government, they represent the syrian regime in Lebanon.... stop this old broken record. you are a yuge disappointment to us, M14.

Perhaps you could try to redeem yourselves by supporting Nikki Haley when she demands that the UNFIL's task would be also to seal the syrian border with Lebanon.

Missing servant-of-jesus over 2 years

I have personally spent time with a man who was in the Lebanese army and was kidnapped and tortured for months by the LF militia during the civil war. The man is completely insane now. PTSD and Schizophrenia. They tortured him so much physically and psychologically to that point where he is delusional and irrational. In brief, as the Lebanese proverb says, if your house is made of glass, don't stone your neighbor's house.

Thumb over 2 years

Aller! Incroyable dans touts les sens du terme!