Palestinians to Turn Presidential Palace into National Library


Palestinian officials are embarking on a project to transform a presidential palace into a national library near the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, the culture minister said Sunday.

President Mahmoud Abbas and his cash-strapped administration had faced questions over the construction of the $17.5 million palace, which was initially intended as a presidential headquarters and location where foreign dignitaries could be received.

Abbas has now decided to transform the 4,700-square-meter complex into a Palestinian national library, culture minister Ehab Bessaiso told AFP.

The complex sits on some 27,000 square meters of land.

"The president believes the palace should be used for public benefit by turning it into a huge national library supervised by a board of trustees," said Mohammed Shtayyeh, head of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR).

Construction on the palace in the village of Surda began some five years ago and is largely complete, but it was not clear how long it would take to create the library.

Its construction was paid for by the Palestinian finance ministry and PECDAR, an institution that handles donor funds.

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Missing phillipo 10 months

"Ramallah in the occupied West Bank"
Exactly how many Israelis, including soldiers are occupying Ramallah? Answer- NOT A SINGLE ONE.
You must decide, either the West Bank is occupied,and the Palestinian Authority under Abu Mazen doesn't exist, or it does exist and the West Bank is not occupied. You can't have it both ways.

Missing phillipo 10 months

$17.5 Million . Mr. Abbas please answer - How many houses would that have built?