Netanyahu Says Relations with Arab World are Best Ever


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel is enjoying its greatest relations ever with the Arab world, even without a peace accord with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu was addressing Foreign Ministry personnel ahead of the Jewish new year, saying the extent of relations has yet to fully be made public. He said their scope was greater than "any other period in Israeli history."

Israel has peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. In recent years it has grown closer to Sunni nations over shared concern about Iran's growing influence in the region. However, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations are hesitant to normalize ties before a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Netanyahu has been promoting Israel's improved international relations under his watch. Next week he makes a first visit to South America.

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Thumb tric.portugal 3 years

yes...the aliance Jewish-Whaabi promoted the Chaos in the Mediterraen with huge dantesc consequences for the Cristhians...we can say that the relation of the Whaabis-Salaphist is a relation of love when the Jacobs Allah destroy thew cristhians comunities in Lebanon like they donne in Iraque and Syria...

Thumb s.o.s 3 years

Very good news, we're slowly getting there, a durable peace and maybe a partnership. I frankly don't care about the Palestinians, we've done more than enough for them. Now if Israel agrees to taking half of the ones we have and park them in the Westbank or Gaza, the peace treaty would be signed on the spot.