Higher Defense Council Convenes after State Funeral for Slain Soldiers


The Higher Defense Council convened at the Baabda Palace on Friday at the request of President Michel Aoun after a state funeral held in honor of soldiers abducted by the Islamic State extremists and later executed.

The gatherers held a moment of silence in honor of the martyr servicemen.

VDL (93.3) said the attendees will “evaluate the latest army battle against jihadists” on Lebanon's eastern border that led to ousting hundreds of Islamic State militants from the area. The council will also “discuss the post-liberation steps and a security plan,” it added.

The meeting was held in presence of PM Saad Hariri and ministers of defense Yaaqoub al-Sarraf, foreign Jebran Bassil, finance Ali Hasssan Khalil, interior Nouhad al-Mashnouq and justice Salim Jreissati.

Army command chief General Jospeh Aoun and leaders of the security apparatuses were also invited to the meeting.

Aoun and Hariri held a closed-door meeting before the meeting began.

As per regulations, the decisions of the higher Defense council are kept secret.