Aoun to Visit Moscow


President Michel Aoun is expected to travel to Moscow and the Russian leadership has informed its ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin to begin preparations for the visit knowing that a specific date has not been set yet, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

“Russian sources in Moscow said the capital prepares to receive President Aoun pointing out that preparations have already begun in that context,” the daily quoted unnamed sources.

“Contacts between the Presidential Palace and the Kremlin have begun. The Russian leadership directed Russian ambassador to Lebanon too prepare for the visit,” it added.

Whether the date of Aoun's visit to Moscow had been decided after Prime Minister Saad Hariri's visit, Russian diplomatic sources said: “So far the principle of the visit has been decided. The timing still awaits some logistical and procedural arrangements, especially those related to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's schedule and choosing the appropriate time to meet the Lebanese president.”

Hariri is scheduled to travel to Russia on Monday to rally support for Lebanon in light of the refugee crisis.

He is expected to meet with Putin, his Russian Counterpart Dimitri Medvedev and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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Missing humble 10 months

May be he can meet with his beloved Butcher for whom the Russians are preparing a beatiful Datcha for his exile.
He can also stay there for good.

Missing humble 10 months

Caporal needs to clarify how he run away to French Embassy in 1990 leaving behind him the troops without giving any directives which resulted in the killing of more than 300 soldiers by the Syrians.
A commission must be appointed as long as there are witnesses who are still alive.

Missing humble 10 months

Can he really sustain the trip???