Berri Lauds Hariri's Solidarity Visit to Salam


Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed relief over Prime Minister Saad Hariri's solidarity visit to ex-PM Tammam Salam, media reports said on Monday.

Al-Akhbar newspaper said Berri described the visit as “the right message.”

Salam has been accused by some parties of alleged misconduct that led to the 2014 kidnap and consequent execution of a number of Lebanese troops and policemen.

President Michel Aoun has ordered a probe into the circumstances that led to the servicemen's abduction.

Salam had issued a statement on Friday in response to previous remarks by Aoun.

“Our stance in the government of national interest... was not ambiguous at all and was rather clear as the sun on the need to exert efforts to liberate the captive servicemen with all available means, while showing keenness on the lives of the residents of the dear town of Arsal,” Salam said.

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Thumb gigahabiib 9 months

My boyfriend The Mystic claims that when President Michel Aoun and Hajj Mohammad Raad in 2012 signed on the Baabda Declaration, or what is know as the dissociation policy, they signed it under Takiya rule; back in 2006 with the MOU President Michel Aoun had gotten a special "Takleef Shar3eh for infidels" from the Supreme leader, Grand Ayatollah and Fakeeh, Ali Khamene2i, to be able to use the Takiya. Furthermore both Aoun and Raad had their fingers crossed behind their backs, so their signatures were by law null and void. And although that feeble president Sleiman left in 2013 he was still responsible for what happened in 2014. Also the fact that the terrorists were allowed to withdraw from Syria to Lebanon by The Resistance and the SAA those two were not responsible for what these terrorist did once they got there. Besides The Resistance and the SAA just took the terrorists back so why are you guys complaining. I told you my boyfriend The Mystic is most logical and factual.