Berri Says Israeli Sonic Boom a 'Direct Threatening Message'


Speaker Nabih Berri has described the breaking of the sound barrier by Israeli warplanes over Sidon on Sunday as a “direct threatening message.”

“We are bickering inside the country as Israel is carrying out its maneuvers against us,” Lebanese newspapers quoted Berri as saying.

The speaker was referring to Israel's ten-day military exercises near the Lebanese border.

“The Israeli warplanes' overflight of the Sidon region, specifically Ain el-Hilweh, is a direct threatening message addressed to us,” Berri said.

“They're saying, 'We are aware of what you have achieved. We have not forgotten you and we are here all the time,” the speaker added, referring to Israel.

According to the National News Agency, the sonic boom created by the fighter jets shattered the glass windows of some buildings in Sidon and sparked panic among residents.

The development came days after Israeli warplanes bombed a military site in Syria from Lebanon’s airspace. The Foreign Ministry has said that Lebanon will file an "urgent complaint" against Israel with the U.N. Security Council over that violation.

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Thumb s.o.s 9 months

Berri: “They're saying, 'We are aware of what you have achieved. We have not forgotten you and we are here all the time,” the speaker added, referring to Israel.

He's a dillusional and demented as his president! What did we achieve dear thug-drug lord? Are you referring to the first victory that has been denied to the LAF by Hizbalot, Syria with a political cover from Aoun and Hariri the Syrian puppets?

Thumb the_roar 9 months

sos the Saudi wahabi, wrote "What did we achieve dear thug-drug lord?"

As a Saudi, you achieved nothing.

As for the LAF, they along with the resistance have achieved many great victories.

For one, they achieved what Iraq, Libya etc etc couldn't.

they smashed the wahabi project (daesh) & stopped it from entering Lebanon.

SOS, the saudi wahabi sympathizer pretending to care about lebanon & the LAF whilst belittling the LAF at every opportunity.

Thumb s.o.s 9 months

What flamethrower and co? The readership knows I'm no Wahhabism supporter. I'm actually anti Wahhabism and its twin Khomeynism.
But Saudi Arabia didn't occupy Lebanon from 1976 till 2005. We, the real civilized Lebanese, got rid of the Syrian occupation, something the LAF couldn't do for so many years. We kicked them out of the country without firing a single bullet. This is no divine victory, it's the power of WILL. The bigots would call it the million miracles on march 14 2005.

Thumb the_roar 9 months

You are a saudi propagandist & nothing more.

You have criticized every political group & nation except one
Guess who?

You attack the democracy of every nation except the Saudi.
How could this be?

you are a paid saudi propagandist who lives on the net belittling Lebanon, the LAF & everyone else except off course your pay masters

Thumb shab 9 months

SOS we know what you are and you're not alone. This guy labels all anti Iranian as Whahabi what ever that is. But then again who cares?

Thumb Elemental 9 months

Roar first of all A: HAS NEVER BEEN TO LEBANON, EVER. This is merely his way of sounding important in a world that doesn't really care about his opinions. Secondly, anyone can be influenced say when a group does "things" for him, get the hint? No wonder he's as brainwashed as the rest of them. Amazing, most sane people here denounce both wahabism and khomeinism, yet the khomeniests are so screwed up that if you're not with them, you MUST be a wahhabist or Zionist. Did it ever occur to these inbreds that people don't like either of them? Sad.