Shorter Meets Aoun, Offers Congratulations and Condolences


British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Shorter on Monday met with President Michel Aoun to congratulate him as Commander in Chief of the armed forces on the army’s military success in Operation Fajr al-Juroud.

The operation “showed that the Lebanese Army is capable of defending Lebanon,” a British Embassy statement said.

Shorter also offered his condolences for “the soldiers who fell during the operation, as well as those mourned by the nation last Friday.”

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Thumb the_roar 9 months

The operation “showed that the Lebanese Army is capable of defending Lebanon

No kidding !!...But Lebanon needed a president who would unshackle the LAF & let them rid Lebanon of the wahabi vermin that was at their border

lol @ dissociation policy.

Thumb the_roar 9 months

it could be worse, imagine it was part of Saudi
Where no human rights exists !!

Thumb the_roar 9 months

Lebanon belongs to Lebanese only & get that through your head.

but I was being sarcastic in reply to your loaded comment, which only sees Iran or Syria as Lebanons problem.

I will agree with you on those two when you include others who are worse..

but your paid to push loaded comments regarding a certain paid agenda....when you fail to mention all the culprits, it reeks of propaganda

Thumb the_roar 9 months

Victorious they have been indeed!!
you seem to forget to mention the part of who or what they defeated

where did it come from?

Who paid for all the mercenaries with money weapons & full media bias
Why was this scheme devised? & boy did it take some effort to defeat it. so why are you upset this evil was defeated?

Lets call things how they are & enough of the bs propaganda