Berri Says Parliamentary Polls Should be Brought Forward Shall Magnetic Voter Card be Shed


In light of reports circulating that a magnetic voting card may not be issued for the 2018 parliamentary elections, Speaker Nabih Berri voiced calls to bring the polls date closer, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

“The parliamentary elections were initially postponed until May 2018 to pave way for issuing a magnetic voter card. But in light of attempts to cancel this card, then it is better to shorten the parliament's extension period,” Berri was quoted as telling his visitors.

“We better not waste time in waiting until May to stage the election if there will be no magnetic card. It is better to shorten the parliament’s mandate and conduct the polls as soon as possible,” added Berri.

Berri was also quoted as “stressing the need to maintain stability.”

In June, Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq had warned that issuance of magnetic card votes is a time-consuming process that may not be completed on time due to the number of voters.

The interior ministry had warned that issuing magnetic voting cards for around 3 and a half million voters will create “confusion.”

The magnetic voting card would allow voters living outside their constituencies to vote in the constituency they are registered in.