IS Frees Hizbullah Captive after Stranded Convoy Reaches Jihadist-Held Territory


Hizbullah party said that the Islamic State group has released captive fighter Ahmed Maatouk early on Thursday as part of a Hizbullah-IS deal.

Maatouk arrived at the southern town Nabatieh after crossing into Lebanon at dawn through the Jusi-Qusayr border crossing with Syria, Hizbullah's Media Channel said.

Maatouk was released after a convoy of Islamic State fighters, evacuated from Lebanon under a Hizbullah-IS deal, reached their destination in Syria's Deir Ezzor.

Busloads of Islamic State fighters stranded in the Syrian desert reached jihadist-held territory after the US-led coalition stopped surveillance of the convoy, a monitor said.

Coalition drones had been circling the stranded 11-vehicle convoy for days and periodically picking off IS fighters if they strayed too far from the vehicles.

But the convoy, with as many as 200 jihadists and 200 civilians on board, arrived in Deir Ezzor eastern Syria "after the coalition decision to stop their surveillance on the convoy", said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitor.

A source on the ground told AFP "the operation is done, Daesh (IS) convoy reached Deir Ezzor province".

The US-led coalition on Friday pulled aircraft from the skies above the convoy so regime and Russian forces could go past, officials said.

"To ensure safe deconfliction of efforts to defeat ISIS, coalition surveillance aircraft departed the adjacent airspace at the request of Russian officials during their assault on Deir Ezzor," the coalition said in a statement.

The vehicles left the Lebanon-Syria border region on August 28 under an evacuation deal negotiated between IS and Hizbullah, which has intervened in the war in neighboring Syria to prop up the Damascus government.

But the US-led coalition pounded the road to Deir Ezzor with air strikes to prevent the convoy reaching the IS-held town of Albukamal on the Iraqi border.

The United States has repeatedly stressed that it was not party to the Hizbullah deal and said the fate of those aboard the buses was not a coalition issue.

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Thumb justice 10 months

So a terrorist like this hezbollah Ahmed Maalouk does not get arrested when he comes back from fighting in a foreign country in accordance with Lebanon's 'neutral' stance and dissociation policy.

lol@ this joke of a country.

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

I've been watching Narcos, Lebanon and Colombia have much in common. I mean today's lebanon with the 1980s and 1990s Colombia. Presidenuts and ministers on the cartels' payroll with walk out of jail free cards for the narcs. It's pretty much hizbalot. More in common are the militias /paramilitary orgs as well as corrupt police officers. We have so much in common! Sadly... but the

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

BRB important meeting.

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

cont:... But the good news is that they managed to get rid of the corrupt politicians in Colombia. They were exposed for what they were! They also got rid of the terrorist FARCS (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and they're about to get rid of the last paramilitary organizations the ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional), but also the drug cartels. Colombia no longer is the main latin america producer of cocaine, most of the narcs were rooted out and the production delocalized to neighboring Bolivia, Ecuador, basically higher up in the Andes.

This is the way forward for Lebanon, let these Shia Hizbalot terrorists and narcs move to Iraq and Syria. We couldn't care less as long as they clear the land. The DEA could be of assistance as well as the CIA. I really wouldn't mind. Any patriotic Lebanese would prefer American help rather than a stand still.

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

The lawlessness is way too far on our country and we need to get rid of them and the dirty politicians. If Colombia managed, so can we! I'll drink to that tonight :)

Thumb shab 10 months

lool @ "Coalition drones had been circling the stranded 11-vehicle convoy for days and periodically picking off IS fighters if they strayed too far from the vehicles"