March 14 Rejects Cabinet that Tolerates Arms, Aims at Abolishing Tribunal

The March 14 general-secretariat announced on Wednesday its rejection of a future government that aims at abolishing the international tribunal and tolerating weapons.

“We won’t accept the cabinet because it will come to abolish the court and tolerate weapons,” said general-secretariat coordinator Fares Soaid.

Following its weekly meeting, the general-secretariat announced in a statement “the start of the new stage under two headlines: The support of the international tribunal to achieve justice and disarmament … so that the Lebanese would be free and not terrorized by anyone.”

It expressed pride in lawmakers who named Saad Hariri for the PM’s post, saying they “refused to betray the people and kept their March 14 stances in loyalty to their constituents.”

The statement reiterated that the March 8 forces led by Hizbullah staged a coup against Hariri and brought Najib Miqati to power illegally.

March 14 urged supporters to hold sit-ins at ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s grave in downtown Beirut’s Martyrs Square every day starting 6:00 pm to revive the movement.