Houri: No Turning Back, October Wages to Be Paid According to New Scale


Al-Mustaqbal MP Ammar Houri assured on Wednesday that the civil servants' wages for the month of October will be paid according to the newly approved wage scale.

“The October salaries will be paid according to the newly approved salary scale, there will be no turning back,” Houri told VDL (93.3) radio in an interview.

Houri clarified that the “government's suspension of implementing the scale was a provisional move to compel the Parliament into endorsing the state budget or the amendments to the salary funding resources.”

On Tuesday the Cabinet has sent to Parliament a draft law calling for the postponement of the payment of public sector employees’ salaries until revenues are secured.

It has also sent an expedited draft law that includes amendments to the tax hike law that is supposed to fund the wage scale for public sector employees.