Report: Financial Legislation for Wage Scale on Parliament Table Monday


The Parliament will begin looking into three draft laws referred to it by the Cabinet and strictly related to the controversial newly approved wage scale that witnessed a setback lately after the Constitutional Council revoked tax laws aimed at securing funding for the scale.

As of Monday, the parliament will begin studying bills passed by the government allowing the latter to delay the implementation of Law 46, which raises the minimum wage and gives cost of living increases for employees and contractors, media reports said.

Moreover, it will study amendment of Law 45 to introduce some taxes and fees, and the inclusion of an article in the general budget attached to the year 2017, related to the accounting records, reports added.

Speaker Nabih Berri is expected to call for budget discussion sessions immediately after the completion of the projects passed by the government and the rest of the agenda of previous meetings, they concluded.

On Tuesday the Cabinet has sent to Parliament a draft law calling for the postponement of the payment of public sector employees’ salaries until revenues are secured.

It has also sent an expedited draft law that includes amendments to the tax hike law that is supposed to fund the wage scale for public sector employees.

Sources to fund the newly approved salary scale for civil servants has been a contentious issue after the Constitutional Council revoked a tax law aimed at funding the scale following an appeal filed by ten MPs led by Sami Gemayel.