Army Arrests IS Official in Arsal


The Army arrested in the northeastern border town of Arsal early on Thursday an Islamic State official who has taken part in kidnapping and killing of military members and civilians, al-Jadeed TV said.

An IS official, identified as Mohammed Toufic al-Hujeiri, was arrested at dawn in the town of Arsal in a raid staged by the Army Intelligence, al-Jadeed said.

The detainee is said to be involved in the kidnapping and killing of soldiers and civilian.

He has reportedly participated with terrorist groups in attacks against Lebanese army positions in Arsal back in 2014.

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Thumb blablablablabla 10 months

Better shooting him then arresting him ... Terrorist Daesh Naharnet Operative that is living in Ein Helwe but from Tripoli along with his trolls will ask to get them released

Thumb barrymore 10 months

Antonio Rafsanjani at it again!