Foreign Ministry Guard Found Dead Inside Guardroom


A ministry guard at the Foreign Ministry premises in Ashrafiyeh was found dead at midnight sustaining gunshot wounds, the National News Agency reported Thursday.

First sergeant, N.H., tasked with guarding the ministry was found dead inside the guardroom, NNA said.

The victim was reportedly shot at a close distance non more than 5 centimeters. He had his pistol in his hand, added NNA.

The agency added that criminal evidence have shown so far that no act of violence was encountered.

Investigations were opened into the incident.

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Thumb _mowaten_ 11 months

nobody heard a gunshot? how many people in lebanon have silencers? who would have an interest in infiltrating, or stealing documents from, the foreign ministry? stinks of some spy op gone wrong.

Missing servant-of-jesus 11 months

I think you mean "gone right". cut off the loose end.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 months

Only "gone right" for those who consider themselves enemies of Lebanon. Which I have no doubt are many on this site.

Thumb janoubi 10 months

you, your wilayat al faqih and your sectarian ideology are the number one enemies of Lebanon. Using the Lebanese flag as your avatar does not fool anybody. It is all part of your Takiah and lies.

Thumb Knight 10 months

did your deductive reasoning rule out suicide ya troll?

Thumb walid121 11 months

Mowaten I'm not a big poster here but I have been using this site for over 62 years and recently I have been liking your posts, your the only one secular shia iranian informing these deluded ignorants. :)

Thumb @shah 10 months

Hey _mowaten_…you are one man this site so many personnels against you and you never backdown you tweet them back like a birdie on Twitter…I salute your shia iranian spirit.. I luv it.

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 10 months

mowaten you are describing the execution in so many extensive and unpublished detail it's like you were there committing it yourself. Buy naah, I don't believe you'd leave the comfort of you penthouse in Tehran with the ghulams to come over to Ashrafieh when he could send someone from Dahieh or a Samaha type to do it with just one phone call. Perhaps it was not Iran or Syria this time but it could be the other enemy of Lebanon, Israel. The dead man's name was N.H., Nasrallah Hassan. The Israelis though they got the head of the (underground) resistance. But he's very underground. So underground he is he goes to a supermarket in China to get groceries because it's closer. When an earthquake hit China they tried to pull him out of the rubble thinking he fell in he screamed at them that he was already living underground and to get out of him home.

Thumb justin 10 months

you seem concerned about the votes as when you post as @flamethrower.

Thumb ashtah 11 months

Where did you read a silencer was used or is this another one of your fantasy stories like the 92 kgs of melted gold in a back pack:)

Thumb s.o.s 11 months

that was an epic peak of buffoonery in the 62 years of Naharnet presence on the web.

Missing CFTC 10 months

Bold, and Hilarious
Always going where no one else dares

What can one say, another E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T comment. I particularly enjoyed the part where you said "it's an assumption based on deductive skills "

Thank you for making this forum lovely, lively and vibrant.
Still laughing since January 2015 when you said the $3 billion Saudi grant was only to teach our soldiers the French language.
Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Thumb ashtah 10 months


Thumb ashtah 10 months

to the irani troll; you wouldn't know deductive skills if it slapped you across the face with a 4x2.

Thumb warrior 10 months

and according to your deductive lack of skills when is your mahdi going to appear?

Thumb liberty 10 months

deductive skills and a shia follower of wilayat al fakih is quite a conundrum.

Thumb Puppet 11 months

I respect Mr. Mowaten because he is wise, nice and never tells a lie.

Thumb barrymore 11 months

The iranian is talking about 'enemies of Lebanon'

Missing Rita.Nahhas 10 months


Even on an article regarding a Guard Found Dead Inside Guardroom , I find you _mowaten_ spamming, trolling, and terrorizing other posters. What kind of creature are you? New evidence surfaces by the minute that you are a paid poster but the question remains who pays you and for what exact purpose? Is it the Iranian embassy, is it the revolutionary guard, is it the syrian intelligence or the ex-KGB? These questions must be answered by you and NOW if you have an ounce of credibility left.

Thumb janoubi 10 months

the only traitor around here is you and your likes, filthy iranian.

Thumb eagledawn 11 months

lol@mowateh the Maxwell Smart of our era:)

Thumb 10 months

I did have to look it up to understand :-)

Thumb enterprise 10 months

I am surprised the persian troll thinks he deserves anything but those references.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 10 months

lulz @ detective mowaten

Thumb morsel 10 months

Why every time you can't successfully refute _mowaten_, you accuse him of being sectarian or heretic?
I've been reading this forum for many years and I've never managed to know what _mowaten_'s religion is. sometimes I think he's christian like flamethrower, sometimes shia like gigahabib, sometimes buddhist like terrorist, and sometimes jewish like mystic.. so I stopped guessing. It's people like you, who are sectarian, _mowaten_ is Lebanese and atheist not Iranian heretic or Yemeni or even Iraqi or Somali for that matter.

Thumb shab 10 months

The worse enemies are the enemies within

Thumb doodle-dude 10 months

The 'Australian' shia billionaire who travels the globe and has inside information on every topic that no one else has is deleting and mass reporting comments it does not like:) Its presence is always felt.