General Security Exposes Israeli Spy Cell


Lebanon's General Security Directorate uncovered a three-member spy cell suspected of having links to the Israeli enemy and that has been active between the areas of Burj al-Barajneh, a southern suburb of Beirut, and the Aley village of Deir Qoubel, media reports said Saturday.

As part of its adamant efforts to clamp down on terrorist and enemy cells, the Directorate has dismantled in recent days a cell comprised of three individuals suspected of having links to the Israeli enemy, al-Akhbar daily reported Saturday.

The security operation, which began with the arrest of two suspects in Burj al-Barajneh and Hadath, was completed Friday evening with the arrest of a third suspect in the town of Deir Qoubel, it added.

According to information, “one of the suspects identified as Abbas S. has confessed to have knowingly assisted the Mossad. Another suspect, a teacher, told interrogators that he was communicating with the Israeli enemy for amusement,” added the daily.

Several computers and electronic devises were confiscated from the latter's house.

Al-Akhbar said the three suspects were Lebanese nationals, and that one hails from the Bekaa region and another from south Lebanon.

The cell “operator” is also Lebanese but he resides in occupied Palestine.

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Thumb norma-jean 10 months

The Houthians are traitors by nature. They either spy for Iran or Israel. Jannah, Firdous, Gigi and I submitted a petition last week to the United Nations calling on the International community to help my tiny country deport the Houthians and Fouthians to Houthia and Fouthia respectively.

Thumb Mystic 10 months

You will all be caught, especially the ones on Naharnet.

Thumb Knight 10 months

caught by who ya irani?

Thumb s.o.s 10 months


I have returned. I contacted Mercedes for the rental of 1000 of their high end buses with AC, Internet connection, and TV. Saudi Arabia and Jordan are willing to let them thru their country because the Houthians and Fouthians ( the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic) have the right to return to the country of their roots.

It's our duty to ensure they get what they deserve, they can steal all the sand they want just like they do in Beirut and all over Lebanon. Bassil, the King of Robbers will get a mini harem where Caro will handle the mini ladies. Hassin will be sipping his cocktail in his desert Sauna... life will be so much better for all Lebanon without these Arabian Peninsula foreigners.

God bless you and America.

Thumb s.o.s 10 months

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Thumb Maxx 10 months

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Thumb rocococo 10 months

"another from south Lebanon" so an Iranian?

Thumb shn-virgo 10 months

How the hell are the Zionist Mossades getting to members of my inner circle dammit! I don't think the roll back on wages had anything to do with it. That's one thing we cannot control especially these days of Iranian budgetary cutbacks. Just the other day I was given a humiliating dress down by the Revolutionary Guards accountant. It seems that we are are losing too many Jihadists to the Jihadist duty and the $125 per Martyr per family is draining the coffers. I told him we are doing all we can. We have more than tripled our Captagon and Hashish production and we are having to send inexperienced easily martyred children to Jihad abroad now that most of the veterans have gotten themselves either Martyred, PTSDeed or maimed. I also told him that I'm keeping an eye on Naiim Qassem, the dude has been after my job for decades and he might be looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Thumb shn-virgo 10 months

Humm something smells of feet and not the good halal kind. I can tell, you are obviously a Zionist trying to divide and conquer the united brotherly Jihadist Shariah loving front. What you did not know Shlomo or whatever's your real name is, is that we made sure our IS friends have all the Captagon they could carry on the air conditioned buses, enough to last them for at least two years. To be safe we made a side deal with the Syrian air force that for every three exploding barrels they throw in, one will contain unexploding Captagon. We've also told the Saudi Prince that it was nice doing business but we don't need him anymore. As for the fertilizer we are united in the future production with our Jihadist brethren. We are dedicating more than half of our stock of Martyrs for that purpose. Along with our opposite Sunni Jihadist martyred brethren will be turning the Syrian deserts into gardens because of the most halal fertilizer ever. Mwah, <3 Shariah. In your face Zionist!