Israel Breaches Lebanon's Territorial Waters Off Ras Naqoura


An Israeli enemy gunboat violated the Lebanese maritime borders off Ras al-Naqoura sailing to a distance of 240 meters for a period of 2 minutes, Lebanese Army Command said in a communiqué on Saturday.

The breach took place at 17:45 on Friday.

The Israeli breach is being followed-up in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, the communiqué added.

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Thumb s.o.s 6 months

what did Hizbalot or the LAF do? nothing... as usual. they're only good at terrorizing innocent civlians and the LAF at pissing off civilians at checkpoints, screening for anti-hizbalot people.

Thumb ansarullah 6 months

May god bless the lebanese army aka hezbollah for violating Syria's, Iraq's, Yemen's, Bahrain's, and Egypt's borders.

Lan Lan Lan

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 6 months

They are just practicing for when they have to quickly get out of Palestine like the sewer rat Nasrallah told them to, but they took a wrong turn.