Gunfight Erupts in Ain el-Hilweh Near UNRWA-Run School, Panics Students


Tension prevailed on Monday in the southern Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh after a shooting incident between a group of Palestinian youth near an UNRWA-run school, the National News Agency reported.

A personal dispute that escalated into a gunfight erupted between a group of youth in al-Braxat neighborhood, NNA said.

The fight sent students panicking and trampling each other prompting the school's administration to have the children returned back home for safety reasons, it added.

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Missing phillipo 8 months

It's about tim e that the Government and Army of Lebanon decide that ALL security matters within the country must be in their hands and not in those of various uncontrolable militias.

Missing phillipo 8 months

Exactly how many of them were born in Palestine? Probably less than 5%.

Thumb blablablablabla 8 months

it was just SOS terrorist from Tripoli Daeshland living in Ein Helwe, educating the kid he got (kidnapped) from IceNorMan

Thumb blablablablabla 8 months

forgot to add, it was the shooting 009 class , the next lesson will be quiter, with the 009 beheading course