Report: U.S. Sanctions against Hizbullah 'Neutralize Army, Banks'


Concerns linger that Lebanon might be harmed by the US sanctions that will be “officially approved against Hizbullah in three weeks,” but the visits of parliamentary and banking delegations to Washington last spring succeeded at “neutralizing key and important” sectors from the sanctions, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Tuesday.

Informed diplomatic sources on Lebanon-US relations do not deny the sanctions' effect on the country.

They told the daily that contacts with Washington have succeeded at “neutralizing important sectors primarily the banks, aid to the Lebanese army, and the Shiite community in general as a major community involved in Lebanese society. Even some names that were leaked as being subject to sanctions are no longer targeted,” they said.

According to the sources, “the law in principle will have repercussions on Lebanon, but the most important goal of the delegations that visited Washington was, which actually happened, neutralizing the relations of the banking sector with correspondent banks, because all the deliberations in Lebanon are in the US dollar.”

The U.S. Congress is seeking new ways to tighten sanctions against Hizbullah.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, chaired by Republican Representative Ed Royce, passed a bill late in September to further sanction the party.

Royce had argued that “Hizbullah and Iran are reportedly introducing game-changing facilities into the region – independent factories that can produce rockets to be used against Israel and our allies. We also have reports of missile factories opening up in Lebanon near mosques, homes, hospitals, and schools,” said Royce.

He said the Committee is “taking action against Hizbullah and its sponsor Iran, by passing legislation that tightens the screws on Hizbullah’s financial operations globally,.”

Lebanese media reports said that the bill authorizes US President Donald Trump to freeze the assets of “high-ranking Lebanese political figures who deal with Hizbullah.”

One bill will reportedly target Hizbullah's ability to raise funds and deprives it of access to the international financial system and the financial institutions.

It also increases pressure on Lebanese and foreign banks that deal with Hizbullah and its leadership.

A second bill slaps sanctions on Hizbullah for “violating human rights in the July 2006 war through using civilians as human shields,” reports said.

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Thumb galaxy 9 months

Hit them where it hurts; in their pockets for they have no hearts.

Thumb joebustani 9 months

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts extreme pain and unbearable suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, sponsors, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Thumb s.o.s 9 months

We're all targeted because of the Shia terrorist organization. If they had an ounce of conscience and patriotism they'd drop their weapons and surrender. But don't, that's why we'll suffer even more than ever because of them!

Thumb galaxy 9 months

lol @ the heretic:)
when did you ever fight Israel?

Thumb thepatriot 9 months

Aaaahhh ... all that very clever argumentation Mastica... so... you wouldn't mind Iranian or Russian bases... but something else is no good for you huh..??
So...if we had no Ebola, we would be invaded by Israel, the US would build military bases here, flood us with Mc Donald's, put us in concentration camps, what else?
If Ebola was not here, we would have been invaded by Isis though, and we would all have been slaughtered... those who would have survived would be valed and bearded... idiot!

Thumb Mystic 9 months

ISIS and America is the same, we are already invaded by McDonalds in Lebanon their resturants are here.
You theIsraelipatriot would welcome ISIS if that meant getting rid of Hezbollah.

Because you are an Israeli supporter, and Israel have good ties with those Salafis.

American capitalism have a foothold in Lebanon sure, but their bases are not here anymore thanks to the Resistance efforts.
The last American and Israeli bases in Lebanon are now piles of rubble.

Thumb thepatriot 9 months

Man... you are completely sick... and your binary mind... omg... if someone is against the weapons of Ebola and their ways, that means he is an Israeli supporter? Or isis?
Are you that stupid?

Thumb thepatriot 9 months

"Isis and America are the same"... yes... obviously... exactly the same...

Thumb ado.australia 9 months

What ever!... Invest in Lebanon under your own peril! Every time I invest we get hammered! Only invest after a war and never before! Sure the Wall Street journal mentioned something similar but stupid patriotic Lebanese never agree