Aoun Says Economic Achievements Complement Reform and Fighting Corruption


President Michel Aoun confirmed on Tuesday during a meeting with a delegation of the General Labor Union that the recent “economic achievements will complete reform and the fight against corruption,” the National News Agency reported.

“The achievements at the economic level so far will be complemented with reform, combating corruption, and restoration of balance to the country's production sectors,” NNA quoted Aoun as saying.

Aoun had also met with Minister of Trade and Economy, Raed Khoury at the Presidential Palace.

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Thumb janoubi 10 months

what achievements and what medication is he on? the side effects are obvious hallucination.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 10 months

Never has Lebanon had a President who achieved so much in so little time, ever!

Thumb galaxy 10 months


Thumb gma-bs-artist. 9 months

Is this the actual Michel Aoun or just a wax figure, I cannot tell. It looks exactly like the one in the earlier Mashnouk story except that someone moved it ten inches to the left.