Hariri Ready to 'Work Together' with Hizbullah on 'Things that Can Serve Lebanon'


Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said that he has joined a coalition government with Hizbullah after he and the Iran-backed party “decided together to put aside” their differences and “work together on big or small things that can serve Lebanon.”

Asked about being in a government with a party accused of murdering his father, ex-PM Rafik Hariri, Hariri told Italy's La Repubblica newspaper that “this can be done in one way.”

“The Prime Minister thinks about Lebanon's interest and finding the appropriate formula for the consensus that will allow to manage the country's problems. Saad Hariri, the son of Rafik Hariri, trusts the judiciary system and he has confidence in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which has to condemn the criminals,” Hariri added, according to an English-language transcript of the interview.

As for U.S. President Donald Trump's escalation against Iran and the possible repercussions on Lebanon, Hariri said: “We want good relations with all countries in the region, and we hope that in the midst of the confrontation between the United States and Iran, we will avoid any negative repercussions on our country.”

“However, I also say that interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries is absolutely unacceptable, and Iran should play a positive role that will help in economic development and security and not contribute to destabilization,” Hariri added.

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Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

LOL keep diggin your political grave!

Thumb gebran_sons over 2 years

Who is he kidding! He should rather say I am ready to take Hizb orders because with its Iranian/Syrian arms it has occupied the country and its institutions, and driving Lebanon to economic ruins, political isolation, and the oppressive rule of radical tyrants. Saad is stabbing the Cedar Revolution ideals and sacrifices in the back. The wake up call will come in the next elections.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

Minimol! Not sure whether they'll allow elections to be held tho. I don't trust anyone in this government.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

You can count on me for voting for Ashraf Rifi. Mustaqbal ain't going to score big again. They let us down in lebanon and also the expats in Saudi Arabia who were abandoned in a precarious situation. Basically they failed everyone. It's over for them.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ over 2 years

Best prime minister ever!

Thumb Maxx over 2 years

Happy for you Saad that you have made friends with the murderers of your dad. Now if you're not too busy dancing to the sound of your father convulsing in his grave, maybe you can now nicely ask Hizb to leave our country and go back to Iran. Because they are such nice people and good friends of yours now, I'm sure they'll do it and Lebanon can start getting back to a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

A visit to his daddy's shrine is way overdue. I think Saad even forgot who his dad was...

Thumb Mystic over 2 years

Iranian-backed Hezbollah sure, but why not mention American-Saudi backed Mostaqbal and Kataeb everytime you mention them?

Or SaudiAmerican backed An Nahar website.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

it's 3:54, get that cappucino ready for 4PM. remember no sugar... and don't be late.

Thumb janoubi over 2 years

that might as well be the final nail in his coffin.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

Or more like the last layer for the shroud given he's a muslim ;)

Either way Naharnet knows how to provoke me with this clickbait headline that makes my blood boil over. Haha well done!