Geagea: Ruling against Chartouni a Conviction against March 8 Camp


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea said the death sentence verdict against the assassins of president-elect Bashir Geamyel is a ruling against the whole of the March 8 camp which “seeks violence and political assassinations.”

“The Judicial Council's ruling that sentenced Habib Chartouni and Nabil al-Alam to death in the assassination of Gemayel is a ruling against all of March 8,” said Geagea, as he accused the alliance of “seeking violence and political assassinations.”

“The ruling issued is not only for one person but for all of March 8 because this person belongs to one of the parties of this camp. This man's party has carried out the operation as mentioned in the minutes of the investigation. He was definitely linked to one of the March 8 parties and to the Syrian intelligence at that stage,” added Geagea.

The LF leader pointed out saying that March 8 resorts to political assassinations in order to each its goals.

“This provision confirms the fact that March 8 group pleads for political assassination to reach its goals. We all know that there are members of a political party of March 8 being prosecuted before the International Tribunal,” added Geagea, in reference to Hizbullah members reportedly accused in the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri.

On Friday, the Judicial Council, Lebanon's highest state security court, sentenced Chartouni and al-Alam to death in absentia in the case of the 1982 assassination of President-elect Bashir Gemayel.

The in absentia trial had kicked off on November 25, 2016. During that session, the Judicial Council called on Chartouni -- who confessed to planting the bomb before escaping prison -- to turn himself in. It also decided to launch in absentia proceedings against the other suspect in the case, al-Alam, after media reports said he had died of illness in Brazil in 2014.

Gemayel was a senior member of the Kataeb Party and the supreme commander of the Lebanese Forces militia during the early years of the civil war.

He was elected president on August 23, 1982 while the country was torn by civil war and occupied by both Israel and Syria.

Gemayel was assassinated on September 14, 1982, along with 26 others, when a bomb exploded in Kataeb's headquarters in Ashrafieh.

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Thumb janoubi over 2 years

Geagea: Ruling against Chartouni a Conviction against March 8 Camp

Yet, he nominated a president from this convicted camp, shares a government with this convicted camp, and has no problem participating in any future government with this convicted camp.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 2 years

Plus he really looks like someone who died and rose from the dead, look at that cute greenish face!

Missing Rima-Al-Khatib over 2 years

you call yourself mowaten?

which country are you a mowaten of; Iran, Syria, Iraq or Yemen? Certainly not Lebanon, oh No!

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

LoL at Mowaty.

Thumb thepatriot over 2 years

OMG... Momo is under influence... again!

Thumb Mystic over 2 years

Geagea the zombie

Thumb Mystic over 2 years

Chartouni is a hero.

Thumb over 2 years

moeten flap my _ Wingz _

Thumb ___flamethrower___ over 2 years

lol @ Conviction against March 8 Camp:)

Thumb over 2 years

conviction against his gouvernement associates!

Thumb justin over 2 years

mowaten must have been really really busy; he has not posted for at least 30 minutes:)

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

Shia chic invited him for an isseh isseh ;)

Thumb gigahabiib over 2 years

My boyfriend The mowastic says that the following was the Syrian army's best accomplishment in Lebanon in thirty years of accomplishments. Those were filthy traitors that needed to be put down for the greater good

Thumb gigahabiib over 2 years

It must be that time of the month I keep making the same mistake, my boyfriend is The Mystic not mowaten who is not the same person as The Mystic not at all.

Thumb over 2 years

SSNP and Hezbollah just tried torching the LF and Kataëb HQs in Akkar.....

Thumb ado.qawmisuria over 2 years

alex first of all welcome it is not everyday that a new commentator happens to comes in complete with a personal biography. Second I agree with you completely. Sure everything that the Syrians did in Lebanon came with the approval of the USA and Israel. USA and Israel are the real problem not Syria. From the killing of Kamal, Bashir, Rene, Rafic to the sieges of Achrafieh in 78, Zahle in 81 and the Christian areas in 89 they were all Syrian acts with USA and Israeli support. As you say Syrian was no longer a bad player after they left and all the 14th Mars so called martyrs were assassinated by the USA and Israel. Michel Samaha on the other hand was sent by the French. It's all an Americano-Zionist-Wahhabi plot to frame the hapless Syrians and you spotted it like we did!

Thumb ado.qawmisuria over 2 years

Now put your hand over your heart and join me in a singsong

سوريا يا حبيبتي
أعدت لي كرامتي أعدت لي هويتي
سوريا يا حبيبتي
أعدت لي كرامتي أعدت لي هويتي

بالحرب والكفاح وشعلة الجراح
تنير درب ثورتي
يا يا يا يا حبيبتي

Thumb liberty over 2 years

" yes Syria was a bad player in Lebanon but not anymore since they left" the fake Christian alex abbas says!

The Smaha-Mamlouk plot, the blowing up of the twin mosques in Tripoli, the countless assassinations of Lebanese politicians are all good deeds of a a good player in Lebanon.

Takiah practicing filth.

Thumb s.o.s over 2 years

it's not your place to forgive dimdim. that's a right you haven't earned.

Thumb ashtah over 2 years

hello alex:
did the zionist-us-wahhabi alliance with NATO give Michele Smeiha the explosives too?
Your comments deserve pity indeed.

Thumb justin over 2 years

yes getting caught on tape ( audio visual ) is one of the very few cases where it is not clear what happened:))!

Thumb ansarullah over 2 years

Wa Hatafna Bil Wala2ee
Li 3aliyil Khamanaee

Lan Tousba Zainabu Maratayyn

Lan Lan Lan

Thumb barrymore over 2 years

the 'many many' Lebanese Christians alex aka jaafar was referring to and who listen to the shia terrorist organization chanting allegiance to khamanaei as per ansarullah above support the resistance and assad.