Aoun Says Hariri's Remarks He May Revoke Resignation 'Positive'


President Michel Aoun on Monday said that Prime Minister Saad Hariri's remarks on the possibility of reconsidering his own resignation was a “positive” indicator.

Visitors to the President at the Presidential Palace quoted Aoun as saying: “Hariri's hints that he might reconsider his resignation is something positive.”

The President was also quoted as saying that the “PM's remarks show that the political settlement that supports the coalition government still stands.”

Hariri made a televised interview on Sunday, one week after quitting his post as premier.

Last week he resigned as premier in a televised address broadcast from Saudi Arabia by the Al-Arabiya news network amid reports that he is being held against his will in Riyadh.

Hariri's 'sudden' resignation cited the "grip" of the Iran-backed movement Hizbullah on Lebanon, and also said he feared for his life.

The shock resignation announcement raised fears that Lebanon -- split into rival camps led by Hariri and the Iranian-backed movement Hizbullah -- could once again descend into violence.

It also raised questions about the fate of Hariri, who also holds Saudi nationality, as it coincided with the announcement in Saudi Arabia of an anti-corruption purge in which dozens of princes, ministers and businessmen have been rounded up.

As questions about Hariri's fate mount, the resigned premier made a televised appearance on Sunday and said that he will return to Lebanon "within days" and that his surprising resignation was aimed at creating a “positive shock.”

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halla bikum

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Inter_losers solidarity...

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An instability for Israelis such as yourself.

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"hizbullah caused the lewatian kingdom to lose in yemen, in iraq and in syria."

That statement alone by a hired and paid hezbollah troll regardless of its veracity shows that Lebanon/hezbollah is interfering in arab countries affairs and destabilizing arab regimes.

Glad you finally admitted you belong to a terrorist organization that needs to be eliminated.

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Aoun Says Hariri's Remarks He May Revoke Resignation 'Positive'

but didn't the iranian president just say the other day anything hariri says should be taken with suspicion???

Aoun Says Anything Hariri Declares from Saudi 'Subject of Suspicion'

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i don't see any takiah contradiction here, do you?


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mowaten the infamous troll aka jewbeir

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Resign Grand Pa!