Gemayel Urges Hariri to Return, 'Roadmap' for Hizbullah Arms


Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel on Monday called on Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return to Lebanon as he urged a “roadmap” for Hizbullah's controversial arsenal of arms.

“Hariri should return quickly to Lebanon to put his stances into practice from Lebanese territory regarding the constitutional or political steps that he wants to take. We want Hariri to make his steps in Lebanon and not from any other place,” Gemayel said at a press conference.

“We were awaiting PM Hariri to speak so that we comment on the situation,” Gemayel noted.

“PM Hariri spoke of secret information that he did not reveal and we want to know and the Lebanese want to know what he was referring to because this has to do with the future of all Lebanese,” the Kataeb leader added.

Referring to Hariri's call for a new settlement, Gemayel renewed his criticism of the previous settlement that led to the election of Michel Aoun as president, Hariri's return to the Grand Serail and the formation of a coalition government.

“The previous settlement ceded the country and its decision to the others and that's why we reached this dilemma,” Gemayel said.

“What is needed today is a final and structural solution to the political crisis and to the manner in which the country is being run,” Kataeb's chief added.

Gemayel called for “neutralizing Lebanon in the ongoing conflicts and refraining from interfering in the affairs of Arab countries.”

“We will not say that we will disarm Hizbullah tomorrow but a roadmap should be devised to hand over the weapons and restore the state's sovereignty,” Gemayel added.

“Hizbullah has a responsibility towards Lebanon because it's a Lebanese party and its members are Lebanese. It must understand the gravity of the situation and help itself and the Lebanese to spare the country disasters,” he went on to say.

In his first TV interview since he announced a surprise resignation on November 4 from Riyadh, Hariri said Sunday he will return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia "within days" to seek a settlement with Iran-backed Hizbullah and President Michel Aoun.

Hariri, looking downcast and tired, denied he was being held against his will in the kingdom and said he was compelled to resign to save Lebanon from imminent dangers, which he didn't specify.

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Thumb Elemental 1 year

Wishful thinking, remember they don't take orders from Lebanon, just Iran.

Thumb tric.portugal 1 year

what!!!??? Saudis arrested the prime-minister of Lebanon to define they agenda in Lebanon...and are some political forces in Lebanon that agree with that daesh modus operandi of Saudis to define the political agenda in Lebanon...defending the saudi terrorism!!! the political agenda in Lebanon gonna be the agenda that united lebaneses, the process of return the refugies in Lebanon !!! the White House aproved to give to the Saudis the green light to arrested the prime-minister of Lebanon for the Saudis define the political agenda in Lebanon...White House is promoting the terrorism in the region!!! the white house after what is happening to the Cristhians in Levant promoting the destabilization of Lebanon...pure Daesh Terrorism!!!

Thumb justin 1 year

“We will not say that we will disarm Hizbullah tomorrow but a roadmap should be devised to hand over the weapons and restore the state's sovereignty,” Gemayel added.

that is what is wrong with all of you. Hezbollah has been playing you for fools. In another 200 years, people will be repeating the same rhetoric. Something has to be done and now.

Missing humble 1 year

Excellent Sami Gemayel. Intelligent, honest and true patriot.