Mustaqbal Says Hariri Outlined Needed Course for Coming Period


Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc expressed “great relief” Monday over Prime Minister Saad Hariri's announcement that he will return to Lebanon in the coming days, describing it as a “good signal about the nature of the coming period.”

In a statement issued after an emergency meeting, the bloc said Hariri's TV interview on Sunday “outlined clearly and responsibly the course that should be pursued to pull Lebanon out of the game of regional and international axes, especially in terms of reiterating the policy of dissociation from the ongoing conflicts and wars in the region, including the rejection of all forms and tools of Iranian meddling in the affairs of all brotherly Arab countries.”

The bloc also voiced full support for Hariri's stances on “the need to abide by the approach of national dialogue as a correct and constructive way to address the current domestic disputes and the reasons that pushed the country to the current crisis.”

In his first TV interview since he announced his surprise resignation last weekend from Riyadh, Hariri said Sunday he will return to his country from Saudi Arabia "within days" to seek a settlement with President Michel Aoun and Iran-backed Hizbullah.

Hariri, looking downcast and tired, denied he was being held against his will in the kingdom and said he was compelled to resign to save Lebanon from imminent dangers, which he didn't specify.

He held back tears at one point and repeated several times that he resigned to create a "positive shock" and draw attention to the danger of siding with Iran in regional conflicts.

Hariri sounded less belligerent in Sunday's interview than he did during the resignation announcement.

A political crisis has gripped Lebanon since Hariri read his televised resignation from Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4 in which he accused Iran of meddling in Lebanon in a vicious tirade that was uncharacteristic of the usually soft-spoken premier.

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They're in damage control mode, but they haven't realized yet that they're on board the titanic.

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