Pharaon: Electoral Alliances are Challenging, Parties Near agree No Alternative for Polls


State Minister for Planning Affairs Michel Pharaon said Saturday there is “near unanimity (among political parties) that there is no alternative to the parliamentary elections and no alternative to the new electoral law.”

In an interview with VDL (93.3) Pharaon said some reforms (regarding the electoral law) ”may not be realized,” pointing to several factors that played a role mainly the “circumstances of the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri (which he eventually reversed) where it was supposed to keep the registration of expatriates open for two months before the elections.”

The Minister said the difficulty at present lingers in the political alliances and the distribution of electoral lists in light of the looming parliamentary elections.

On the “strained” relations between the Lebanese Forces and al-Mustaqbal Movement, the Minister said the “row is being eased.” He denied reports of five-party electoral alliances.

On the crisis of the signing of a decree promoting a number of officers from the 1994 Session, Pharaon said: “It can be resolved through a judicial interpretation or taken to the parliament.”

He stressed that “the row must not affect the course of the elections or the government’s work.”

In another context, he said “the comprehensive security coverage from home and abroad reflected on many things positively and called for a stronger political stability to ensure investments.”