ISF, State Security Officers Held for Aiding Drug Dealers


Three officers and a non-commissioned officer from the Internal Security Forces and a State Security officer have been detained on charges of offering services to some drug dealers, media reports said.

Al-Akhbar newspaper said the officers are accused of “transporting in their military vehicles a number of fugitives wanted on drug dealing charges in order to facilitate their crossing of security checkpoints.”

“They were being paid hefty sums of money in return for their transportation services,” the daily added.

“Some of them have confessed to accepting bribes to cover up for the fugitives, while one of the officers has insisted that he had not accepted any amount of money,” al-Akhbar said.

It identified the officers as First Lieutenant Toufic A., First Lieutenant Mohammed M., First Lieutenant Fadl A. and Major George B., saying they have all confessed to offering services to a number of drug dealers.

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Thumb s.o.s 1 year

No problem, they'll get the amnesty law Very Soon, courtesy of A deserter general himself amnestied. And who knows, they might get promoted too, because in Lebanon anything can happen. I can see them become colonels and generals.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 1 year

وبالتحقيق معهما، اعترفا بقيامهما بتجارة وترويج المخدرات، وبإرتباطهما بأحد ضباط قوى الأمن الداخلي، الذي كان يعمل شخصيا على تأمين عملية انتقال الموقوف “ز. ز.” ضمن منطقة البقاع وانتقال الثاني من البقاع الى محلّة الفنار، خوفاً من توقيفهما على الحواجز الأمنية.

Missing un520 1 year

I guess that the temptation of being able to punch far above their financial weight is too much for them, in a country where prestige, style and decadence is no1 priority.